You are proud of the business you have built, now you can be proud of your website

Going live is where your site is ready to be seen by the world.

  • Your site goes through a final check to optimise it for the most popular browsers, devices, and screen sizes.
  • Your domain name gets pointed to the site so that becomes the official address for your new site.
  • We instal SSL certificates to ensure that the padlock icon appears in the address bar.
  • We run tests to ensure that all of your links and pages transform your domain name. 
  • Finally, new site details are submitted to search engines. 

You get free changes and content updates (6 Months).

We rarely launch a site without adjustments or changes required after launch day. Info and details change, but there is no need to delay your site because you may have missed something important. You can visit our support page and request those changes if you need them. There will be no charge as long as the original project contract covers those changes. 

You can make changes and edits yourself.

If you can edit your Facebook page, you have the skills you need to create and change the content on your new site. At launch, you will be given an admin password that will allow you to make all the changes to your site that you need. 

Checklist for your site to go live

    • You will receive a final progress report. 

We use this document to decide what changes should be made before going live and what can be added after launch. 

    • An after launch task list is created.

You may be waiting for an updated image of your receptionist. This can be added to the “waiting on client” list, but we can progress with an older photo instead of delaying the launch. When we have that photo, you can let us know, and we will update it.

    • The final instalment of the project is paid.

We will raise the final payment invoice. Your payment will confirm that you are happy to make the site go live.

    • Your domain name will be redirected to the new site.

In some cases, we have access to our client’s account, and in others, they arrange it through their domain name registry. It can take approximately an hour for these changes to propagate.

    • Tests will then be run on the new domain name.

We run scans on your site to ensure that all aspects of your site work on the new domain name and that form and contact information reach the right inboxes. 

    • Your site information is submitted to the major search engines.

This can include setting up your profile on Google My Business.

Your all set…

We will be there for the first 6months to ensure that everything you paid for is included and works well. We want to impress you so much with our after launch services that you recommend us to other businesses. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s how we met in the first place.