So you need a logo for your business. Maybe it’s a new business or you just need a makeover for your brand. Well, you have come to the right place. Here is how we manage our custom logo creation projects. 

A logo is the first impression that someone gets of your brand. It gives them a feel for your businesses professionalism and culture, a logo can instil trust and authority, and kick off a great relationship between you and potential clients. 

Before we start your logo project we like to get to know some details about your business and your market.

The key objectives of your logo design lie in the following factors…

Your Vision and Culture
Helps us design a logo with images and colours that project those concepts to your audience.

Social media and online devices play a big part in promoting your brand. Your logo needs to be easily identifiable in a small icon on a small screen while a viewer is speed-scrolling through a huge amount of information

Colour Psychology plays a big part in our design process. Colours help shape the perception of of your brand and maximise your branding identity when people are speed-scrolling through pages and apps


What’s included? 

Original Consultation 

To get the best results right from the very start we will provide a 45-minute consultation on your new design. During this online video meeting, we will discuss your business and the colours, styles, designs and “feels” that best represent your business. We will draft up a Sample Set Submission based on the specifications for your project. From here you can make a selection of which path or style you would like to pursue. 

Four Drafts for Review and Change. 

Included are four changes to the design drafts, so take your time to review the first drafts well and consider the changes you want to make. We suggest that you create some documents and even use them on nun customer-facing applications to ensure that you get the best value out of your first few drafts before signing off on your final. 


  • CMYK Format

Used for printed documents made up of 4 Colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

These are suitable for your home office computer and your high-end commercial printing. 

  • Pantone Colour Version

ideal for single or two colour documents, stationery with a limited printing cost this is provided in (EPS) format.

  • Black and White Transparent

These are for dark or light backgrounds or single colour documents. They are great for watermarks on photos provides in EPS

  • RBG Version

These are used in websites, videos and applications for screens where colours are made up of the primary colours red, blue and green.

  • Horizontal Version

Horizontal versions can be used for widescreen applications, website headers and letterheads.

  • Vertical Version

Used in places like mobile phone applications and profiles on social media. Especially in circle-shaped applications.

  • Guidelines

This document includes the technical details about your logo including colour palette, and usage guide  for things like social media and print 

The Process 

The Consultation

It all starts with a meeting to discuss your business, its culture and your targeted market. We will use this information to put together a profile of your desired customers so that we can use what we know about consumer psychology to design a logo to best represent you to prospective clients. 

A written Design Brief will be agreed on before moving to the next step.

The first payment of 50% of the project will be required prior to moving to the next step.

Sample Set Submission

Based on the consultation we will submit a range of examples to help you choose the right logo style for you. From here you can direct us about which style is most in line with your requirements so that we know what direction to take with the next four drafts. 

Drafts Submitted for Review and Changes x4

We will submit a draft based on the Design Brief doing our best to follow the agreed requirements as closely as possible. You can make changes to this draft four times as long as those changes are compliant with the original brief. If you change your mind about the original brief a new agreement will have to be entered into may need to be re-quoted. 

Project Delivery

Once the draft and review process has been completed your logo and media will be released to you in the formats listed in the above inclusions.

Full payment is required before the suite of media is released to the client.

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