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When we put a new site online for a client, one of the first things we get asked is, how come Google won’t show my site.

When we are in the proposal stage of a project (when a client is matching our list of services against their budget), we always include a shopping list of things we feel are important like Google my Business listings, Search Engine Optimisation, SEO Content and Social Media Channels etc. In most cases they just want to have a website that they can put on their business card, they have a limited budget and additional extras are seen as something they can look at later. Fair enough, if its a site you need, then let us get on with it. But just building a site does not always mean that you get top ranking in search engines.

Here are a few reasons your site may not be listed on Google:

Search engines have not referenced your site yet.

Finding your site is the job of Search Bots, (Spiders or Crawlers) that travel through the data on the internet and reference the information they find in libraries called Search Engines like Google. How long it takes for your site to be referenced depends on a lot of things some of which are listed below.

Your site has no inbound links.

Search bots have an easier time finding you if they already know about sites that link to you. It’s important to get as many third-party sited to link back to you. This is why we always encourage new businesses to have social media accounts that link back to their sites, but there are also industry directories and businesses you work with like associations, suppliers or even your web designer who will love to provide links.

The keywords you use are used by many others.

Drilling down into what your market will be searching for, will help you rank higher in their search. For instance “Sales Training” works, “B2B Sales Training” is better and “Books on B2B Sales” training is even better.

Your content matters

Creating content for your site that is SEO friendly, that people want to share and link back to while still informing and selling to your market is the key.

Your front page content is important.

Think of search engines are blind, they can only read. Your front page content is key to making sure your site ranks for those looking for you.

The services we offer at Clientology to help you rank better include:

  • SEO Auditing
  • Google My Business Setup
  • Meta-tags and Keyword Tweaking
  • Social media integrations
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