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The most common complaint we get regarding our services is frustration regarding the perceived issue of the passwords being too complicated to remember.

Our response to that is always that its “It’s our job to care about our client’s on-line security, even if they don’t.”

Our policies on passwords contain the following key obligations

  • Most importantly, passwords must be long and complex.
  • Long and complex passwords require more effort and time for a hacker to guess.
  • Passwords should contain at least ten characters and have a combination of characters such as commas, per cent signs, and parentheses, as well as upper-case and lower-case letters and numbers.
  • Users should never write down their passwords, as that makes it easier for the passwords to be stolen and used by someone else.
  • Also, never use the same password for two or more devices, as hackers who break into one machine will try to use the same password to take control of others.

While we respect the right for our clients to change their passwords to whatever they like. Our experience is that many people don’t feel as if these things are important until the first time they are hacked.

Online systems are under constant attack, and many software programs are used to try and breach accounts and capitalise on information harvested. If your service is breached it will not be because we failed to give you the best security available.

Rating your technology provider on how easy the passwords they create for you is like choosing a guard dog based on maximum cuteness.

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